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Eye Examinations

Eye examinations are booked every 45 minutes allowing time for a thorough examination, including checks for glaucoma, visual field screening and sight testing.  We check the health of your eyes which can also highlight underlying general health problems.

We recommend that you bring your children from about age 4 for regular annual eye tests in the same way as you MOT your car.  Often they are unaware of problems.  This is particularly important when there are eye conditions in the family such as a squint, long or short sightedness, and lazy eyes as these can be inherited.


Often children with dyslexia will benefit from an eye examination.


Marian is accredited with North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for the glaucoma monitoring scheme where the hospital deems it suitable.  She is also accredited for post-operative cataract assessment and minor eye conditions (MEC's), although neither of these are currently funded by North Somerset CCG.

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Eyewear & Contact Lenses

We have a continuously changing range of frames to suit everyone from children to adults.  We tend not to stock designer labels, preferring to give better value for money. 

Do call in to browse our frames and try them on.  We also have a range of catalogues to look through and are willing to order in different styles to suit your needs.  We can help you with every type of eyewear from safety specs to prescription swimming or sports goggles.

If you prefer to keep your existing frames and they are in good condition we are able to reglaze them with your current prescription at your own risk.

We also supply contact lenses and solution, and sell  optical accessories from ready readers to magnifiers and more.

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Home visits

If you are housebound please telephone us to arrange a home visit at a mutually convenient time.

Marian brings her portable equipment to your door making sure you can get your eyes examined regularly and continue to make the most of your vision.


We also offer a recycling service for any unwanted spectacles.  Drop them into the practice and we will ensure they are given a new lease of life whilst supporting charities worldwide.