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Marian grew up in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire, and qualified in 1976 from City University, London.  She worked as an optometrist for 6 years in South Wales doing lots of home visits before having a family and going to live abroad.


In 1998 Marian returned to Bristol and for many years worked in the same two practices in Bristol and Worle.  She took over Mike Owen's Wrington practice in 2006, extending the opening hours from two to three days a week, and now does just one additional day in Bristol. Marian carries out numerous domiciliary tests (home visits) for both practices.

Over the last few years Marian has been doing lots of additional studying and is now accredited to do glaucoma monitoring for those deemed suitable by the glaucoma clinic at Bristol Eye Hospital.  She has completed the accreditation for post operative cataract assessment and also minor eye conditions (MEC's).  Unfortunately, for those of us in North Somerset, these last two schemes are not yet fully funded but hopefully will be authorised this year.  We will keep you posted if there are any changes.  In the meantime, Marian can see MEC patients privately with prices starting from £10.


Marian would like to have more spare time during the week to go ballroom dancing!

Vision Aid Overseas

Marian also has taken a keen interest in Vision Aid Overseas, testing eyes and teaching African ophthalmic nurses and optometry students to carry out sight tests.  To date she has been to Burkina Faso and Ghana twice each, and to Zambia three times teaching ophthalmic nurses to test eyes.  

Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital

From 2001- 2016 Marian was on the committee for the Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital (BEH).  She was always active promoting and raising funds for this valuable facility.

For more information please click on the logo to visit their website.